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Our Guarantee, Our Vision

Providing a premium installation experience through friendly and experienced service.  As well as offering better product pricing on selected flooring to minimize the expenses for the end-user. 


Many variables go into a carpet install that is directly connected to the product (type, pattern, thickness, seams and so on).  The right conversation starts with the initial consultation that paves the road to a perfect install by professionals that have completed projects from large hotels to residential installations.


Solid or Engineered, regardless of the chosen product or how custom it may be, our installers have the capability to work with as well as fabricate specific requirements out of the actual product.

Hardwood Re-Finish

Hardwood is a beautiful product, at times it is a much better solution to bring the floor back to life as opposed to replacing it.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide a rich re-finish to an existing hardwood floor, eliminating gouges and bringing back the sheen.


An elegant floor that has similar characteristics to a luxury vinyl plank.  Our experience in laminate installation goes beyond other hard surfaces, providing us with an insight into completing a variety of different installs. 


Including the installation of custom showers, backsplash, flooring, walls, fireplaces.  Utilizing the proper techniques and tools.

Luxury Vinyl Plank | Tile

With the incoming of Luxury Vinyl Plank, the demand for Linoleum has declined but it continues to be a necessity in certain situations.  With over a decade of installation experience, we have perfected the patterns and details of products and their completion.

Evolve Flooring